Operations Research

 Comparative Analysis of Wage & Benefit Structure

PAR has conducted a number of studies to understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of one company's wage and benefits structure versus that of its competitors.  This information can become a strong bargaining tool in contract negotiations, and the exact elements to be measured are tailored to your firm's needs.  Another element of employee satisfaction research seeks to better understand your employees' expectations and their satisfaction with co-workers and management.  PAR handles these confidential surveys quickly and efficiently, giving you actionable data for decision making.


Employee Satisfaction Research

This research seeks to better understand your employees' expectations and satisfaction with their jobs and working environment.  A great tool for improving productivity and employee retention.

Process Optimization Through Observational Research

How does the traffic flow in your store?  Where and when does congestion occur?  How do employees and customers respond?  PAR can help answer these questions with video observation techniques.  Video summary reports highlight the problems and offer actionable solutions.

800# Complaint Lines

PAR can help your firm establish a help line or complaint clearinghouse.  Your customers will be treated fairly, with concern, and quickly.  At PAR, we never lose sight of our responsibility to act in your best interests in every conversation or contact with your end customers.