Advertising Copy Evaluation

What do consumers recall about your ads?  Did they understand the main message you were hoping to communicate?  Was there anything confusing or hard to understand?  Did the message have a real impact?  These are the types of questions PAR answers in advertising copy tests.

Wikipedia on Advertising Research

Brand Equity

So you're considering a line extension - Great!  But should it carry the same key product name as your flagship brand?  What will that brand name link do to help (or hurt) your brand and corporate image?  Will it help you with the distributor?  Will customers be confused, or will it guide their buying decision?  Understanding the impact your brand name carries to your consumers allows you make these decisions wisely.

Wikipedia on Brand Equity

Graphics Evaluation

PAR can help your firm select the best graphics for product labels, packages, or corporate logos.  Interviews with your various audiences (suppliers, clients, etc.) can tell you what people understand about your business or product when they see the graphics your firm has chosen to use.

Claims Substantiation Research

PAR documents consumer perceptions of product attributes or product preference.  We use very precise, controlled, up-to-date protocols as we design the research, leaving your firm in a strong position to defend product claims.

Promotion Evaluation

How effective is this promotion?  Should this display be static or should it have motion?  Which of these POS options will have the most impact on product sales?  Clients often ask PAR these questions about promotional efforts.  We can test the promotion with your customers and with the store management that ultimately will handle point of sale materials to help you select the best possible promotional materials.