Product Research 

Customer Satisfaction Studies

Learn what your customers experience as they interact with your employees - their expectations versus actual experiences.  Understand the importance of customer retention versus new customer acquisition.  Learn why customers defect to your competitors.

Wikipedia on Customer Satisfaction Research

Extended In-Home Use Test

Your firm is developing a new product.  Prototypes have been constructed and you're just about to move forward with the project.  Let your actual future customers try this widget in real home use situations.  They can tell you about product design flaws, flavor preferences, shape/grip problems - and a host of other easily modified attributes before your firm spends time and money going into production.

Name Research

Products ranging from prescription pharmaceuticals to the name on a new bicycle need to be checked out before product promotion begins.  PAR checks for age/grade level understanding of the name/concept, confusion compared to similar products, problems with pronunciation and/or writing the name, and product differentiation based on name strength.

New Package Evaluation

Can your customers find this new product on the shelf?  Can they open it?  Will they follow the mixing instructions?  Does the package communicate that this item is a part of your brand family?  Should the item be multipacked?  Will the consumer buy this in a plastic pouch - or should it be in a brick-pack?  PAR answers these questions and more as we test packages.

New Product Concept

New products are usually developed because someone perceives a need.  But there may be many possible ways to meet the need that has been identified!  PAR helps businesses understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of product concepts by talking with the people who will ultimately use the product.

Positioning Studies

Who shall we target in our brochures?  Who do we think will buy this item?  Who else might be interested?  These are the questions PAR can help you answer with positioning research.  It may be that there are multiple audiences for your product - some untapped by current promotional messages.  We can help you identify new market niches and promote more efficiently to existing market segments.

Product Taste Tests

Conducted with children or adults, people with health problems, or users of low incidence products/categories, PAR finds the right people to ask the tough questions.  We implement controlled, time tested study protocols to gather actionable information.

Sensory Evaluation

PAR works with your sensory evaluation department to understand consumer preferences in textures, flavors, colors, finishes, and construction materials - the basic attributes of your product.