Mailing & Lead Fulfillment

Signed, sealed and delivered

When you need to improve the timeliness and effectiveness of your mailing and lead fulfillment requirements, and when you want to get better reporting of information about consumers, ask PAR for an analysis of your present situation.

We can develop a system to get the literature or samples that consumers request on their way within 24 - 48 hours.  The same system will also keep your management and sales force informed by sending them summaries by territory of consumer requests and mailings made.


  • Direct mail processing
  • 800 number service (orders / re-orders / VISA, Mastercard, C.O.D)
  • Brochures, sales materials
  • Product sampling, premiums
  • Coupons, checks, warranty cards
  • Bounce - back cards
  • Database development
  • Automated sales representative support
  • Mechanical inserting
  • Custom laser and inkjet printing