Increase Employee Effectiveness

A first step toward increasing employee effectiveness is understanding current job satisfaction.  PAR conducts employee satisfaction surveys designed to get to the heart of the issues, allowing management to allocate resources wisely.

We also monitor employee effectiveness through mystery shopping - both in-person and by telephone, establishing and tracking employee performance. Management can use this information to focus employee training efforts where they are needed most.

PAR also conducts research to help employers optimize tasks that must be performed by employees.  Time studies help management understand the relative value of assigning selected tasks to their employees versus outsourcing the same tasks.

Avoiding strikes among union labor is a concern for every union shop.  PAR conducts wage and benefit studies to equip our clients with information to clearly state the relative merits of employees' jobs versus alternatives they might consider if they left their current employer.  Used as a collective bargaining tool, this research can clearly demonstrate wage and benefit structure among direct competitors located in other parts of the country as well as compensation available from alternate local employers.