Destination Purchase Studies

What items drive the purchase of other items in a store?  (How large is the proportion of people who buy chips with their soft drink at a convenience store?  What do people who buy a six pack of beer buy on the same shopping trip?)  Answers to these questions can help as you merchandise your stores.  If you are a manufacturer, they can help you define and obtain preferred shelf, aisle, and display locations.  Understanding this issue may help you with co-branding efforts or joint advertising programs.

Retailer Opinion Surveys

Suppose you're planning a new promotion, a new product, or a change to your standard operating procedures.  It is critical to learn the reaction of the people who actually interface with the consumer.  Minor program changes could make the difference between success and failure.


Sales Force Effectiveness Studies

Did your sales force get the message across?  How do they compare to the competitive representatives?  These studies have been done during new product launches and during contract negotiations.