Let us convert your databases, spreadsheets, images, or data of any kind into a usable Internet ready format.

Data Access

You can use the Internet to access your applications and your data.  VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections can also be established.  From anywhere, users log in directly from their browser.  There's no setup or installation required. Your users have secure access to your application, regardless of when, where, or how they work.

No need for powerful machines

Users run their applications over the web so there is no software to load on individual machines and no need for expensive and powerful computers.  Applications run from our managed data center and are delivered through the Internet.

Reduce the need for internal IT

Since your application runs on the PAR data center, there is no need to keep up with servers, licenses, or backups.  PAR has high-performance hardware, an expert staff, advanced security systems, redundant internet connections, a user support help desk, and much more.  Only a browser is required at your physical location in most cases.  We become your off-site IT department - hardware, software, and support.

PAR vs. internal database setup

Internal database setups can be costly.  The hardware, software, and service contracts are enough alone to stop any project in it’s tracks.  Let PAR handle all of this for you.  PAR will make sure all your data is consistent and only authorized users will be allowed to make changes.

Work anywhere and on your schedule

Because users can log in from any browser, they're able to work - from home, from work, or from the road at any time.  This allows users in multiple locations to operate seamlessly as if they were in a central location.