Company Bios

E. Harvey (Skip) Seaman III


Education: B.A. English/Theater - Wabash College, 1978. Numerous advanced training seminars including: American Marketing Association School of Marketing Research, Dale Carnegie Human Relations Course, MRA Incidence Seminar, American Marketing Association Advanced School of Marketing Research.

Employment History: First worked for PAR in 1972 setting up displays in supermarkets during summers. Other positions held include: Field Auditor, 1977; Field Area Manager, 1980; Research Analyst, 1981; Senior Analyst, 1983; Vice President Operations, 1984; Account Executive, 1985; Senior Account Executive, 1986; President, 1987.

Experience: Has worked in every area of the PAR operation, experience handling virtually every type of research PAR conducts.

Product Categories: Beer, tobacco, soft drinks, infant nutrition, pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, banks, hospitals, skin care, banks, popcorn, candy, and various other consumer products.

Current Responsibilities: Manage PAR organization, client consultation, budget approval, and maintain client contacts.

Forrest A. (Woody) Youngs

Senior Vice President, Operations

Education: B.S. in Business Administration (Marketing) and graduate work in Psychology. Continuing education via numerous industry seminars and personal study: Anderson Niebuhr’s, Questionnaire Design; AMA School of Marketing Research: MRA Budgeting Seminar; AMA Advanced Research Techniques Forum; E-Qual, Total Quality Management Seminar; Dale Carnegie; Combining Revealed and Stated Preference Data; Introduction to Covariance Structure Models; AMA Congress on Customer Satisfaction; and various train-the-trainer, motivation and leadership seminars. Additional studies include materials from Burke Institute’s Moderating I/II/III, RIVA’s Moderator Training School, and The Greeley Focus Group Director Institute.

Employment History: Positions held since joining PAR in 1977: Field Auditor, Research Analyst, Area Supervisor, Project Director, Vice President Consumer Research Services, Sr. Vice President, Director Marketing Research, and Sr. Vice President, Operations.

Skill Set/Experience: Research design, budgeting, implementation/logistics management, analysis, reporting, and national accounts management. Operations management, personally covering work in over 100 US and international markets. Experience with In-Store Research, Mall Intercepts, Mail, Web, Phone, Sensory Evaluation, IDI’s, Focus Groups, Use Testing, Passive Video Observation, and Panel Tests. Moderator since 1981 (emphasis: product/service development, concept and ad message development). Familiar with statistical techniques for quantitative testing (PSA, TURF, conjoint options, and a wide range of statistical tests). Managed ongoing tracking (ATU’s, A&U’s, Advertising Tracking) of up to 28 waves, topical panels, and numerous HUT’s. Experienced with claims substantiation standards. Topical presenter for four colleges and universities, regarding research applications in new product development, quality standards management, and qualitative research process management.

Product Categories: Broad experience with consumer products, services and business-to-business issues. Categories include: advertising tests, alcoholic beverages, other beverages (bottled water, juices, soft drinks), banks, bicycles, candy, caskets, church growth, closure systems, diet foods, disease management, fitness equipment, frozen foods, games tables, hand held technologies, health & beauty aids (lengthy list), heavy equipment engines, herbicides, hospitals, infant and adult nutritional products, infant and toddler products (car seats, booster seats, strollers, toys), infant care products (diapers, ointments), internet site development research, jewelry, lawn care products, outdoor play sets, pharmaceuticals (long list of OTC and Rx product research), post-secondary education, sales force management, sporting goods equipment (archery equipment, basketball goals, darts), tobacco (cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco, pipe tobacco), and utilities.

Current Responsibilities: Operations management, coordinate logistics/assure quality through all aspects of project operations. Moderator. National accounts consultant.

Randall B. Waitman

Senior Vice President/

Director, Fulfillment Services and Consumer Tracking

Education: M.A. Political Science – Washington University (St. Louis, MO), 1974; B.A. Political Science/History – Wabash College, 1970.

Employment History: Started at PAR in 1977 as a Research Analyst. Other positions: Project Director, 1978; Vice President/Project Director, 1979; Vice President/Director Fulfillment Services/Director Consumer Tracking, 1989; Senior Vice President/Director Fulfillment Services/Director Consumer Tracking, 1992; Senior Vice President/Financial Officer, 2001; Senior Vice President/Director Consumer Tracking, 2003; Senior Vice President/Director Fulfillment Services/Director Consumer Tracking, 2005

Experience: Has worked in every area of PAR operation, handling most all types of projects PAR conducts.

Product Categories: Food, beverage, health and beauty aids, banking, infant formula, adult nutritional products, and hospitals.

Current Responsibilities: Senior Vice President/Director Fulfillment Services/Director Consumer Tracking

Brian Taylor

Director, Computer Operations

Education: B.S. in Biology – University of Evansville, 1996. Brian also attended Harlaxton College in Grantham, England. He holds the following certifications: A+ Certified Technician and Microsoft Office User Specialist.

Employment History: Joined PAR in 1996. Worked as a research programmer until 1998 when he was promoted to Director of Computer Operations.

Experience: As a research programmer, programmed marketing research surveys in the Quantum programming language and programmed PDAs with Penright! And the C++ programming languages. Proficient in various software and hardware products.

Product Categories: At least one of the following services has been used in all of the PAR product categories: Quantum tabulations, AS400 operations, Data Entry including Optical Character Recognition of forms, Application Service Provider applications over the Internet using direct ties to Oracle, Oracle database warehousing and transactional processing, custom written Palm Synchronization servers, service technician representatives, CATI interviewing, Predictive Dialer operations, Web survey development and design, Pam and Windows CE custom programming.

Current Responsibilities: Responsible for the supervision of the CIS department which includes people working in MCSE, Oracle, Visual Studio, AS400, and Quantum. He controls purchasing and service contracts totaling over $200,000 per year.